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Checklist of Illinois Gerromorpha (Heteroptera)

Mesovelia mulsanti 5th instar nymph. Photo by Steve Taylor June 2006.

confirmed = Illinois specimens were collected or examined in museum collections
possible = may occur in Illinois because it is known from adjacent states but has not been recorded from Illinois
unconfirmed = previously reported from Illinois but not confirmed in the present study
questionable = unconfirmed Illinois record for which there is reason to doubt its validity
new = previously unreported from Illinois

Data are from:

Taylor, Steven J. 1996. Habitat preferences, species assemblages, and resource partitioning by Gerromorpha (Insecta: Heteroptera) in southern Illinois, with a faunal list and keys to species of the state. Ph.D. Dissertation in Zoology, Zoology Department, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois. xviii + 345 pp.

Family Gerridae Leach 1815

  Subfamily Gerrinae Leach 1815
    Tribe Gerrini Leach 1815
      Genus Aquarius (Schellenberg) 1800
          Aquarius nebularis (Drake & Hottes) confirmed
          Aquarius remigis (Say) confirmed
          Aquarius conformis (Uhler) possible
      Genus Gerris Fabricius 1794
          Gerris alacris Hussey confirmed
          Gerris argenticollis Parshley confirmed
          Gerris buenoi Kirkaldy new
          Gerris comatus Drake and Hottes confirmed
          Gerris incurvatus Drake and Hottes questionable
          Gerris insperatus Drake and Hottes confirmed
          Gerris marginatus Say confirmed
      Genus Limnoporus Stål 1868
          Limnoporus canaliculatus (Say) confirmed
          Limnoporus dissortis (Drake and Harris) confirmed
          Limnoporus notabilis (Drake and Hottes) questionable
      Genus Neogerris Matsumura 1913
          Neogerris hesione (Kirkaldy) confirmed
  Subfamily Rhagadotarsinae Lundblad 1933
      Genus Rheumatobates Bergroth 1892
          Rheumatobates hungerfordi Wiley possible
          Rheumatobates palosi Blatchley confirmed
          Rheumatobates rileyi Bergroth unconfirmed
          Rheumatobates tenuipes Meinert confirmed
          Rheumatobates trulliger Bergroth possible
  Subfamily Trepobatinae Matsuda 1960
      Genus Metrobates Uhler 1871
          Metrobates hesperius Uhler confirmed
      Genus Trepobates Uhler 1883
          Trepobates inermis Esaki confirmed
          Trepobates knighti Drake and Harris confirmed
          Trepobates pictus (Herrich-Schaeffer) confirmed
          Trepobates subnitidus Esaki confirmed

Family Hebridae Amyot and Serville 1843

  Subfamily Hebrinae Amyot and Serville 1843
      Genus Hebrus Curtis 1833
          Hebrus beameri Porter possible
          Hebrus buenoi Drake and Harris unconfirmed
          Hebrus burmeisteri Lethierry and Severin unconfirmed
          Hebrus concinnus Uhler unconfirmed
          Hebrus sobrinus Uhler possible
          Hebrus tuckahoanus Drake and Chapman confirmed
      Genus Merragata White 1877
          Merragata brunnea Drake confirmed
          Merragata hebroides White confirmed

Family Hydrometridae Billberg 1820

  Subfamily Hydrometrinae Billberg 1820
      Genus Hydrometra Latreille 1796
          Hydrometra hungerfordi Torre-Bueno confirmed
           Hydrometra martini Kirkaldy confirmed

Family Mesoveliidae Douglas and Scott 1867

  Subfamily Mesoveliinae Douglas and Scott 1867
      Genus Mesovelia Mulsant and Rey 1852
          Mesovelia amoena Uhler new
          Mesovelia cryptophila Hungerford new
          Mesovelia mulsanti White confirmed

Family Veliidae Amyot and Serville 1843

  Subfamily Microveliinae China and Usinger 1949
    Tribe Microveliini China and Usinger 1949
      Genus Microvelia Westwood 1834
        Subgenus Kirkaldya Torre-Bueno 1910
          Microvelia americana (Uhler) confirmed
          Microvelia paludicola Champion possible
        Subgenus Microvelia Westwood 1834
          Microvelia albonotata Champion unconfirmed
          Microvelia austrina Torre-Bueno new
          Microvelia buenoi Drake confirmed
          Microvelia cerifera McKinstry possible
          Microvelia fontinalis Torre-Bueno confirmed
          Microvelia hinei Drake confirmed
          Microvelia pulchella Westwood confirmed
  Subfamily Rhagoveliinae China and Usinger 1949
      Genus Rhagovelia Mayr 1865
        Subgenus Rhagovelia Mayr 1865
          Rhagovelia knighti Drake and Harris new
          Rhagovelia obesa Uhler unconfirmed
          Rhagovelia oriander Parshley confirmed
          Rhagovelia rivale Torre-Bueno new
  Subfamily Veliinae Amyot and Serville 1843
      Genus Steinovelia Polhemus and Polhemus 1993
          Steinovelia stagnalis (Burmeister) new

Nymphs of Rhagovelia oriander. Photo by Steve Taylor June 2006.

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