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Villosa delumbis (Conrad, 1834)


Freshwater Mollusk Researchers - A list of people interested in the studying and conservation of freshwater mollusks (maintained by Kevin Cummings, Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS), Champaign.
Famous Malacologists - Biographies and portraits of deceased malacologists - Kevin Cummings, INHS
e-mail addresses for Congress - Just in case you have something to get off of your chest




Freshwater Mollusk Bibliography - A searchable database of over 17,000 citations on freshwater mollusks worldwide. Compiled by Kevin Cummings, INHS, Champaign, Art Bogan, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, G. Thomas Watters, Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity, and Chirstine A. Mayer, INHS, Champaign
Alabama Mollusk Bibliography - Deborah Wills (1997)
Molluscan Journals - A list of the "Instructions for Authors" from a variety of malacological journals, Claus Hedegaard (, Museum of Paleontology, Valley Life Sciences Building, University of California, Berkeley, California
Zebra Mussel Bibliography - Sea Grant Zebra Mussel Biblio (Over 800 references with abstracts).
Triannual Unionid Reports - On-line versions of the old Tri-annual unionid reports compiled by Dick Biggins (USFWS).
Kansas Pearly Mussel Newsline - Brian Obermeyer (ed.)




Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society
American MalacologicalSociety (AMS)
North American Benthological Society (NABS)
Conchologists of America (COA)


UNIO Listserver - an unmoderated Internet listserver focusing on the biology, ecology and evolution of freshwater unionid mussels. The list is sponsored by the Florida Institute of Technology and administered and managed by Rick Tankersley.
Conch-L - "a forum for conchologists, indeed, for anyone with an interest in mollusks, to discuss any topic related to conchology."
Molluscan Evolution Listserver - probably the best source for online academic discussions on mollusks.


EXOTIC SPECIES[not updated]

A Review of Impacts of Freshwater Mollusca (Gastropoda and Bivalvia) Introduced Into North America. - Gerry Mackie, University of Guelph
Zebra Mussel Infestation of Unionid Bivalves (Unionidae) in North America - Schloesser, D.W., T.F. Nalepa, and G.L. Mackie, 1996.  Great Lakes Science Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsitration, University of Guelph
National Zebra Mussel & Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse New York Sea Grant National Sea Grant College Program
Zebra Mussel Information - USGS. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species (NAS) information resource for the United States Geological Survey. Located at the Florida Caribbean Science Center
Zebra Mussel Bibliography - Sea Grant Zebra Mussel Biblio (Over 800 references with abstracts).
Zebra Mussel Research Program - U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station
Zebra Mussel Links Page - U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station (more than you would ever want to know about these pests).
Zebra Mussel Distribution in North America - USGS animated map showing the spread of zebra mussels in the U.S.
Zebra Mussel Alert - Minnesota Sea Grant
Zebra Mussels in Southwestern Lake Michigan - Tammy Keniry and J. Ellen Marsden, Illinois Natural History Survey, Lake Michigan Biological Station, Zion, Illinois
The Zebra Mussel Page - Dr. Jeffrey L. Ram, Wayne State University
Zebra Mussels in Ireland - Irish Marine Institute
Zebra Mussels and Swine Waste- Dick Steffen, Southern Illinois University and Tom Jirik, ASAS/ADSA Media Coordinator, North Dakota State University,
Dreissena polymorpha - University of Southern Mississippi
Corbicula fluminea- USGS. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species (NAS) information resource for the United States Geological Survey. Located at the Florida Caribbean Science Center
Corbicula fluminea - University of Southern Mississippi
Limnoperna fortunei (Mytilidae): The Next Macrofouling Mussel to Invade North America? - Anthony Ricciardi, McGill University
Chinese Mystery Snail - University of Southern Mississippi
USGS Nonindigenous Fish Distribution Information - A page is maintained by the Florida Caribbean Science Center. The Center is part of the Biological Resources Division of the United States Geological Survey under the Department of the Interior
Introduced Fish Section of the American Fisheries Society - AFS committee on introduced fishes
Want Another Carp? The first casualty of the Asian black carp is a person - A great article on the bs of black carp by Ted Williams
Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force - Another task force with many tasks - The Nation's Invasive Species Information System
Invasive Species Program of the USFWS - A busy bunch these


Exreme Longevity in freshwater Mussels (Family Unionidae) inferred from mark-recapture growth data - J.L. Anthony & J.L. Dowling, Iowa State University
A New Mussel Record for Tennessee: Lampsilis siliquoidea (Mollusca: Unionidae) from the Wolf River - David H. Kesler & Don Manning, Biology Department, Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee
Evaluation of tag types and adhesives for marking freshwater mussels. - David P. LemariÈ, David R. Smith, Rita F. Villella, and David A. Weller, National Biological Service, Leetown Science Center, Aquatic Ecology Lab, Kearneysville, West Virginia
SEM Study of Digenetic Trematode Parasites of Freshwater Clams - Rebecca Baldwin, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Lethbridge 
Future Directions in the Analysis of Freshwater Bivalves in Archaeology - Evan Peacock, Research School of Archaeology and Archaeological Sciences, Sheffield
Biodiversity of freshwater mussels in the lower Great Lakes Drainage Basin - J.L. Metcalfe-Smith1, S.K. Staton2, G.L. Mackie3 and N.M. Lane41Aquatic Ecosystem Protection Branch, National Water Research Institiute, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 2R.R. #1, Rosedene Road, St. Ann's, Ontario, Canada, 3Department of Zoology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 4Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Annual Monitoring of the Distribution and Abundance of the Nore Freshwater Pearl mussel - Ecoserve Consultants, Ireland
Role of ecological factors and reproductive strategies in structuring freshwater mussel communities - Wendell R. Haag and Melvin L. Warren, Jr., U.S. Forest Service, Oxford, Mississippi
Comparison of sampling methods for assessing freshwater mussel beds in the Neosho River, Kansas - Brian K. Obermeyer, David R. Edds, and Carl W. Prophet, Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas


COA Articles Various authors from Concholgists of America
Freshwater Mussel - Doug Smith, University of Massachusetts Amherst
The Clamor Over Clams - Randy Kreil North Dakota Outdoors and Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
To Reproduce Mussels Go Fishing - Article by Adele Conover, Smithsonian Magazine, January 1998
Tennesee Freshwater Mussels: Treasures Past and Present - University of Tennessee, McClung Museum
Fun With Freshwater Mussels - Christine O'Brien and Buddy Tignor, USGS volunteers, Florida Caribbean Science Center, Gainesville, FL
Fun Facts About Freshwater Mussels - Renee Sherman Mulcrone, University of Michigan
Illinois Mussel Poster - Illinois Natural History Survey






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