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The objective of this page is to illustrate (with photographs) all of the "genera" of freshwater mussels (Unionoida) in the world. The genera included are largely those recognized by Haas (1969) with the exception of the North American fauna, which follow Turgeon, et al. (1998). Other deviations from Haas (1969) will be referenced to the new source of information. If anyone spots any errors or misspellings of type localities, type designations, rivers or other geographic names, please let me know and I will make appropriate changes. I plan on adding information on type species for each genus and a list of currently recognized species/taxa in the near future. An example of the kind of added information can be seen in the account for the genus Alathyria. If anyone has any comments on how and what type of data to include in these species list sections, please let me know. I am still playing around with the format. Also understand that these pages (like many on the web) are "works in progress" and the data contained in them should be checked to the primary literature to ensure accuracy. Museum Acronyms used in photo captions follow: Systematic Research Collections - Mollusca.

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Quadrula Rafinesque, 1820 - North America

Quadrula apiculata (Say, 1829)
INHS 16196. Bear Creek, Harris County, Texas.

Type Species: Obliquaria (Quadrula) metanevra Rafinesque, 1820

Quincuncina Ortmann, 1922 - North America

Quincuncina infucata (Conrad, 1834)
INHS 20438. Flint River, Georgia.

Type Species: Quincuncina burkei Walker, 1922

Radiatula Simpson 1900 - Asia

Type Species: Unio crispisulcatus Benson, 1862

Rectidens Simpson 1900 - Asia

Type Species: Unio prolongatus Drouet, 1894

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Rhombuniopsis Haas 1920 - Asia

Type Species: Unio (Cuneopsis) tauriformis Fulton, 1906

Scabies Haas, 1911 - Asia

Scabies crispata (Gould, 1843)

FMNH 33021. Me Ping River, Kam Peng Pet Province, Siam [=Prathet Thai].

Type Species: Unio scobinatus Lea, 1856.

Original Citation: Lea, I. 1856. Description of twenty-five new species of exotic Uniones. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 8(2):92-95.

Distribution: Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, India, and China (Brandt 1974; Subba Rao 1989).

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Schepmania Haas, 1912 - Asia

Schepmania nieuwenhuisi (Schepman, 1898)
FMNH 118893. Tungku River, British North Borneo.

Type Species: Unio nieuwenhuisi Schepman, 1898

Schistodesmus Simpson, 1900 - Asia

Schistodesmus lampreyanus (Baird & Adams, 1867)
INHS 20154. Tai Hu Lake, Jiangsu Province, China.

Type Species: Unio (Dysnomia) lampreyanus Baird & Adams, 1867

Simpsonaias Frierson, 1914 - North America

Simpsonaias ambigua (Say, 1825)
INHS 20618. Kankakee River, Will County, Illinois.

Type Species: Alasmodonta ambigua Say, 1825

Simpsonella Cockerell 1903 - Asia

Type Species: Anodonta purpurea Valenciennes, 1821

Remarks: Anodonta purpurea Valenciennes, 1821 is also the type species for Dalliella Simpson, 1900 (non Dalliella Cossman, 1895: Prosobranchia).

Solenaia Conrad 1869 - Asia

Type Species: Mycetopus emarginatus Lea, 1860

Strophitus Rafinesque, 1820 - North America

Strophitus undulatus (Say, 1817)
INHS 1509. North Fork Vermilion River, Vermilion County, Illinois.

Type Species: Anodonta undulata Say, 1817

Tamsiella Haas, 1931 - South America

Tamsiella tamsana (Dunker, 1858)
INHS 14893. Rio Camoruco, Cojedes, Venezuela.

Type Species: Monocondylaea tamsiana Dunker, 1858

Toxolasma Rafinesque, 1831 - North America

Toxolasma texasiensis (Lea, 1857)
INHS 21195 (male top, female bottom). Wabash River, White County, Illinois.

Type Species:

Trapezoideus Simpson 1900 - Asia

Type Species: Unio foliacea Gould, 1843

Remarks: Haas (1969:75) incorrectly attributed the author of the type species to Lea and misspelled the specific epithet as foliaceus.

Triplodon Spix, 1827 - South America

Triplodon corrugatus (Lamarck, 1819)
INHS 19821. Rio Itaya, Loretto, Peru.

Type Species: Triplodon rugosum Spix, 1827

Tritogonia Agassiz, 1852 - North America

Tritogonia verrucosa (Rafinesque, 1829)
INHS 8935. Spoon River, Peoria County, Illinois.

Type Species: Obliquaria (Ellipsaria) verrucosa Rafinesque, 1820

Truncilla Rafinesque, 1820 - North America

Truncilla donaciformis (Lea, 1828)
INHS 3060. Rock River, Rock Island County, Illinois.

Type Species: Truncilla truncata Rafinesque, 1820


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