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The objective of this page is to illustrate (with photographs) all of the "genera" of freshwater mussels (Unionoida) in the world. The genera included are largely those recognized by Haas (1969) with the exception of the North American fauna, which follow Turgeon, et al. (1998). Other deviations from Haas (1969) will be referenced to the new source of information. If anyone spots any errors or misspellings of type localities, type designations, rivers or other geographic names, please let me know and I will make appropriate changes. I plan on adding information on type species for each genus and a list of currently recognized species/taxa in the near future. An example of the kind of added information can be seen in the account for the genus Castalina. If anyone has any comments on how and what type of data to include in these species list sections, please let me know. I am still playing around with the format. Also understand that these pages (like many on the web) are "works in progress" and the data contained in them should be checked to the primary literature to ensure accuracy. Museum Acronyms used in photo captions follow: Systematic Research Collections - Mollusca.

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All photos copyright: Kevin S. Cummings - 1999.

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Margaritifera Schumacher, 1816 - Asia, Europe, North America

Margaritifera margaritifera (Linnaeus, 1758)
INHS 21611. Varzuga River, Mermansk, Russia.

Type Species: Mya margaritifera Linnaeus, 1758

Medionidus Simpson, 1900 - North America

Medionidus acutissimus (Lea, 1831)
INHS 20401. Black Warrior River, Jefferson County, Alabama.

Type Species: Unio conradicus Lea, 1834

Megalonaias Utterback, 1915 - North America

Megalonaias nervosa (Rafinesque, 1820)

INHS 12568 (juvenile top, adult bottom). East Fork White River, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Type Species: Unio heros Say, 1829

Mesafra Haas 1936 - Africa

Type Species: Caelatura (Caelatura) mesafricana Pilsbry & Bequaert, 1927

Microcondylaea Vest, 1866 - Asia

Microcondylaea compressa (Menke, 1828)
FMNH 160774. Lake Ochrid, Macedonia, Yugoslavia.

Type Species:

Microdontia Tapparone Canefri, 1883 - Australia

Type Species: Unio (Microdontia) anodontaeformis Tapparone Canefri, 1883 [=Microdontia anodontaeformis (Tapparone Canfri, 1883)] (by monotypy).

Original Citation: Tapparone Canefri, C. 1883. Fauna malacologica della Nuova Guinea e delle isole adiacenti. Ann. Mus. Stor. Nat. Genova 19:5-313.

Remarks: See McMichael & Hiscock (1958:408) for nomenclatorial notes.

Generic Synonyms: None.

Literature Cited

Monocondylaea d'Orbigny, 1835 - South America

Monocondylaea paraguayana d'Orbigny, 1835
USNM 380737. Rio Colonia, Paraguay.

Type Species: Unio (Monocondylaea) paraguayana d'Orbigny, 1835

Mutela Scopoli, 1777 - Africa

Mutela hirundo (von Martens, 1881)
INHS 20377. Nsendwe, Congo, Africa.

Type Species: Mytilus dubius Gmelin, 1791

Remarks: The date and type species need to be checked on this genus [KSC 3/99].

Mycetopoda d'Orbigny, 1835 - South America

Mycetopoda pittieri Marshall, 1927
USNM 365227. Rio Guanare Dr., Portuguesa, Venezuela.

Type Species: Mycetopoda soleniformis d'Orbigny, 1835

Mycetopodella Marshall, 1927 - South America

Mycetopodella falcata (Higgins, 1868)
FMNH 114133. Alto Rio Guayabero, Colombia.

Type Species: Mycetopus falcatus Higgins, 1868

Nephronaias Crosse & Fischer, 1894 - Central America

Nephronaias scamnata (Morelet, 1849)
INHS 21714. Cuba.

Type Species: Unio plicatulus Charpentier in Küster, 1856

Nitia Pallary 1924 - Africa

Type Species: Unio teretiuscula Philippi, 1847

Nyassunio Haas 1936 - Africa

Type Species: Unio nyassaensis Lea, 1864

Obliquaria Rafinesque, 1820 - North America

Type Species: Obliquaria (Quadrula) reflexa Rafinesque, 1820

Obovaria Conrad, 1853 - North America

Obovaria olivaria (Rafinesque, 1820)
INHS 4307. Wabash River, Gibson County, Indiana.

Type Species: Unio retusa Lamarck, 1819

Oxynaia Haas, 1911 - Asia

Type Species: Unio jourdyi Morlet, 1886

Literature Cited
Number of Currently Recognized Taxa (5)

Pachynaias Crosse & Fischer 1893 - Central America

Type Species: Unio spheniopsis Morelet, 1849

Parreysia Conrad 1853 - Asia

Type Species: Unio multidentatus Philippi, 1847

Paxyodon Schumacher, 1817 - South America

Paxyodon syrmatophorus (Meunschen, 1781)
ANSP 125546. Rio Orinoco.

Type Species: Paxyodon ponderosus Schumacher, 1817

Pegius Simpson, 1900 - North America

Pegius fabula (Lea, 1838)
INHS 20499. Clinch River, Virginia.

Type Species: Margaritana fabula Lea, 1838

Physunio Simpson 1900 - Asia

Type Species: Unio gravidus Lea, 1856

Literature Cited
Number of Currently Recognized Taxa (7)

Pilsbryoconcha Simpson 1900 - Asia

Type Species: Anodonta exilis Lea, 1838

Plectomerus Conrad, 1853 - North America

Plectomerus dombeyanus (Valenciennes, 1827)
INHS 14825. Hatchie River, Tennessee.

Type Species: Unio interruptus Say, 1831

Plethobasus Simpson, 1900 - North America

Plethobasus cooperianus (Lea, 1834)
INHS 186. Cumberland River, Cumberland County, Kentucky.

Type Species: Unio aesopus Green, 1827

Pleurobema Frierson, 1927 - North America

Pleurobema clava (Lamarck, 1819)
INHS 3545. Tippecanoe River, Fulton County, Indiana.

Type Species: Unio clava Lamarck, 1819

Popenaias Frierson, 1927 - North America

Popenaias popeii (Lea, 1857)
INHS 21699. Valles River, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Type Species: Unio popeii Lea, 1857

Potamida Swainson, 1840 - Asia

Potamida littoralis (Lamarck, 1801)
FMNH 16452. Orontes River, Syria.

Type Species: Unio semi-rugata Lamarck, 1819

Potamilus Rafinesque, 1818 - North America

Potamilus alatus (Say, 1817)
INHS 8049. Mackinaw River, McLean County, Illinois.

Type Species:

Pressidens Haas, 1910 - Asia

Pressidens exanthematicus (Küster, 1861)
FMNH 77365. Borneo.

Type Species: Pressidens moellendorffi Haas, 1910

Literature Cited
Number of Currently Recognized Taxa (3)

Prisodon Schumacher, 1817 - South America

Prisodon alatus (Sowerby, 1869)
FMNH 29168. Rio Tapajoz, Para, Brazil.

Type Species: Prisodon obliquus Schumacher, 1817

Prisodontopsis Tomlin 1928 - Africa

Type Species: Unio (Mataptera) johnstoni E.A. Smith, 1893

Remarks: Simpson, 1900 proposed the name Pseudavicula which was preoccupied (non Pseudavicula Etheridge, 1892); Haas 1969:192.

Prohyriopsis Haas 1914 - Asia

Type Species: Unio stolatus von Martens, 1900

Protunio Haas 1913 - Asia

Type Species: Unio messageri Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1901

Literature Cited
Number of Currently Recognized Taxa (1)

Pseudanodonta Simpson, 1900 - Europe

Pseudanodonta elongata (Holandre, 1836)
FMNH 29802. River Thames, England.

Type Species: Anodonta complanata Rossmässler, 1835

Pseudobaphia Simpson 1900 - Asia

Type Species: Unio biesianus Heude, 1877

Pseudodon Gould 1844 - Asia

Type Species: Anodon inoscularis Gould, 1844

Pseudodontopsis Kobelt 1913 - Asia

Type Species: Unio euphraticus Bourguignat, 1852

Pseudospatha Simpson, 1900 - Africa

Pseudospatha tanganyicensis (E.A. Smith, 1880)
FMNH 21469. Lake Tanganyika, South Africa.

Type Species: Spatha tanganyicensis E.A. Smith, 1880

Psoronaias Crosse & Fischer, 1894 - Central America

Psoronaias distincta (Crosse & Fischer, 1893)
FMNH 11644. Rio Papaloapan, Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Type Species: Unio psoricus Morelet, 1849

Psorula Haas 1930 - Central America

Type Species: Quadrula rudis Simpson, 1900

Ptychobranchus Simpson, 1900 - North America

Ptychobranchus fasciolaris (Rafinesque, 1820)
INHS 3475. Tippecanoe River, Fulton County, Indiana.

Type Species: Unio phaseolus Hildreth, 1828

Ptychorhynchus Simpson 1900 - Asia

Type Species: Unio pfisteri Heude, 1874

Pyganodon Crosse & Fischer, 1894 - North America

Pyganodon grandis (Say, 1829)
INHS 10319. Lone Tree Creek, Champaign County, Illinois.

Type Species: Anodonta globosa Lea, 1841


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