Fritz Haas

4 January 1886 - 26 December 1969

(Photo courtesy of the MCZ)

Born: Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.

Died: Chicago, Illinois.

Occupation: Malacologist. Keeper of Invertebrate Zoology, Natur-Museum Senckenberg, Frankfurt, Germany, 1911-36 (forced removal by the Nazis 30 June 1936); Curator of Lower Invertebrates, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 1938-1959.

Education: Ph.D. Heidelberg. Received his training in biology through herpetolgist and malacologist Oscar Böttger and malacologist Wilhelm Kobelt.

Research Interests: Unionacea, freshwater and landsnails.

Travels: Norway 1910; Pyrenees, Spain, France 1914-19 (in exile); southern Africa 1931-32 (as a member of the Schomburgk expedition); Brazil 1937; Bermuda, Cuba, Canada.

Remarks: President of AMU 1950. Married Helene Ganz 30 March 1922. Fritz Haas was one the giants in the study of unionids worldwide and his monumental publication "Superfamilia Unionacea. 1969. Das Tierreich (Berlin) 88:x + 663 pp." is a required reference for this group.

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