Alphabetical Listing of Conchologists - Malacologists

This list has been put together to provide a link to past workers in the fields of Conchology and Malacology. One cannot hope to understand the present or predict to future without first looking at the past. Having a better understanding of WHO and WHAT went before will shape where we are going. To that end I (with the help of numerous colleagues, especially Riccardo Giannuzzi-Savelli of the Società Italiana di Malacologia who provided many of the photos included in the biographical accounts) have compiled a "Rogue's Gallery" of past scientists in the fields of conchology and malacology giving basic biographic / bibliographic information on each. Since my research interests lie in the area of freshwater mollusca, there is a predicted bias in that area. However, I would like to expand this list in the future and welcome additions, corrections, criticisms, etc. I should state that most of the information in the accounts below was pirated from the enormously useful publications of R.T. Abbott & M.E. Young,W.H. Dall, and R.I. Johnson. I hope that by copying much of the information contained in those publications I have not violated too many copyright laws and have to flee to some remote area in the Amazon jungle.

Kevin S. Cummings

Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign, Illinois, June 1999.

UPDATED: 31 March 2003

Abbott, R.T.
Adams, A.
Adams, C.B.
Adams, C.C.
Agassiz, J.L.R.
Agersborg, H.P.K.
Alder, J.
Aldrich, T.H.
Allan, J.K.
Ancey, C.F.
Anthony, J.G.
Baker, F.
Baker, F.C.
Baker, H.B.
Barber, M.D.
Barbour, T.
Barnard, K.H.
Barnes, D.W.
Bartsch, P.
Baxter, R.
Bequaert, J.C.
Binney, A.
Binney, W.G.
Blakeslee, C.L.
Bland, T.B.
Blatchley, W.S.
Boettger, C.R.
Bourguignat, J.R.
Breston, H.
Broderip, W.
Brooks, S.T.
Calkins, W.W.
Call, R.E.
Carpenter, P.P.
Clench, W.J.
Coney, C.C.
Conrad, T.A.
Cooper, J.G.
Cooper, W.
Couthouy, J.P.
Crosse, J.C.H.
Cuming, H.
Dall, W.H.
Danglade, E.
Daniels, L.E.
Dautzenberg, P.
Eyerdam, W.J.
Ferriss, J.H.
Foster, T.D.
Frierson, L.S.
Fuller, S.L.H.
Gill, T.N.
Goodrich, C.
Gould, A.A.
Gould, S.J.
Grier, N.M.
Gundlach, J.
Haas, F.
Haldeman, S.S.
Hartman, W.D.
Headley, C.
Hemphill, H.
Henderson, J.
Hildreth, S.P.
Hinkley, A.A.
Holmes, B.T.
Howard, A.D.
Jay, J.C.
Jewett, E.
Johnson, C.W.
Keep, J.
Kennicott, R.
Kirtland, J.P.
Kofoid, C.A.
Lapham, I.A.
Latchford, F.R.
Law, A.E.
Lea, I.
LeConte, J.
Leidy, J.
Lermond, N.W.
Lesueur, C.A.
Letson, E.
Lichtenthaler, G.W.
Linnaeus, C.
Marsh, P.L.
Marsh, W.A.
Marshall, W.B.
Matteson, M.A.
McNiel, J.A.
Moores, H.
Morrison, J.P.E.
Morse, E.S.
Newcomb, W.
Nylander, O.O.
Ortmann, A.E.
Pilsbry, H.A.
Pleas, E.
Powell, J.W.
Prashad, B.
Prime, T.
Rafinesque, C.S.
Reeve, L.A.
Rosewater, J.
Say, T.
Shimek, B.
Simpson, C.T.
Smith, E.A.
Smith, H.H.
Solem, G.A.
Sowerby, G.B., III.
Starrett, W.C.
Stearns, R.E.C.
Sterki, V.
Stimpson, W.
Strecker, J.K.
Surber, T.
Tait, C,
Tappan, B., Jr.
Torre, C.
Tryon, G.W.
Utterback, W.I.
Van Cleave, H.J.
van der Schalie, H.
Vanuxem, L.
von Ihering, H.
Walker, B.
Webb, W.F.
Wetherby, A.G.
Wheatley, C.M.
Whiteaves, J.F.
Winkley, H.W.
Wright, B.H.
Wright, S.H.
Yates, L.G.
Zetek, J.