William Wirt Calkins

29 May 1842 - 9 July 1914

(Photo courtesy of the MCZ)

Born: LaSalle County, Illinois.

Died: Ottawa, Illinois ????

Occupation: Amateur Conchologist. Volunteered for the Union Army in the Civil War, served three years. Incarcerated at Andersonville. Wrote a book on the History of the 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. After the war he went into the lumber business where he presumably remained for the rest of his life.

Education: Spent twenty years on a farm going to school winters. Attended a seminary for a few years under R. Williams.

Research Interests: Geology, Conchology, Botany.

Travels: Two trips to Florida.

Collection Deposition: Illinois Natural History Survey, Chicago Academy of Science, Field Museum of Natural History, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, and the U.S. National Museum.

Remarks: One of the Founders of the Ottawa Academy of Science and served as its secretary and President when he moved to Chicago in 1870. Married Louise Hossack. No children.

Data from: Skaer, H. 1878. [W.W. Calkins Biography]. The Valley Naturalist, Saint Louis, Missouri. 1(7):1.

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