Willis S. Blatchley

6 October 1859 - 28 May 1940

Born: North Madison, Connecticut.

Died: Indianapolis, Indiana.

Favorite Quote: "There are, in my opinion, too many specialists and too few naturalists in the world today."

Occupation: Entomologist, Geologist. Head of the Science Dept., Terre Haute High School, 1887-1893; State Geologist, 1894-1910.

Education: Indiana University, B.A. 1887; M.A. 1891 (studied under David Starr Jordan and John C. Branner), Honorary LL.D. 1921.

Research Interests: Freshwater Mollusca of Indiana, Coleoptera, Orthoptera, Heteroptera.

Travels: Arkansas (with Dr. J. Branner); Scovell Expedition to Mexico; Alaska and Canada, 1913; South America, 1922-23; Florida.

Remarks: Charter member of the Indiana Academy of Science; Fellow, 1893; President, 1903.

Married Clara A. Fordice in 1882.

Data from: Anonymous ???? Willis Stanley Blatchley, October, 6, 1859 - May 28, 1940. Indiana Academy of Science ??:1-2.

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