List of plant species at Revis Hill Prairie Nature Preserve, Mason County, Illinois.

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Center for Biodiversity
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The following notes are by William E. McClain, Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Revis Nature Preserve is located on the north valley wall of the Sangamon River approximately 240 feet above its mile wide floodplain. Gently rolling hills, which are dune-like in nature due to the deposition of loess and sand, characterize the topography of the uplands. The principal plant communities of the preserve are loess hill prairie, mesic prairie, dry-mesic upland forest, and mesic upland forest.

Loess hill prairie is the principal plant community present in the preserve. The maximum height of the vegetation in this community is approximately two feet and the predominant plants are little bluestem, slender scurfpea, blue-eyed grass, sand phlox, goldenrod, and stiff aster. Other common grasses include side-oats grama and Indian grass. Other associated plants are horsetail, puccoon, leadplant, purple prairie clover, silky aster, and obedient plant.

Mesic prairie exists in a few locations below the bluffs present within the preserve. These are probably remnants of a much larger mesic prairie that occupied the lower bluffs and portions of the floodplain during presettlement time. The larger prairie grasses, big bluestem and Indian grass are more abundant here than in the loess hill prairie. Other plants that appear to be restricted to this community are prairie cinquefoil, white prairie clover, Culver's root, and mountain mint.

Dry-mesic upland forest occupies the back slopes of the bluffs and most of the relatively level portions of the forested uplands. The predominant trees in this forest type are white oak, black oak, and shagbark hickory while mockernut hickory and chinquapin oak are common associates. Blackjack oak is present along the top of the bluffs in the prairie-forest boarder. A nearby continuous understory contains small-stemmed individuals of the canopy species plus black cherry, American elm, red elm, and occasional plants of red mulberry. Individuals of raspberry, poison ivy, and gooseberry are scattered throughout the shrub layer. Characteristic plants of the herbaceous layer are lopseed, sick-tights, and fescue grass.

Mesic upland forest occupies the ravines in the lower reaches of the preserve. The predominant plant of the community is bur oak. Associated tree species include American ash, black walnut, and shagbark hickory. Open-grown individuals of chinquapin oak are present near the forest-prairie border. Individuals of the canopy species plus redbud, red mulberry, red elm, and hawthorn form a discontinuous understory. Individuals of raspberry and gooseberry are scattered. A diverse herbaceous flora, including bluebells, larkspur, trillium, Dutchman's breeches, fragile fern, maidenhair fern, and baneberry, characterize the least disturbed ravines.

This list was compiled primarily from three sources: (1) a species list compiled by Robert A. Evers and published in his "Hill Prairies of Illinois", Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey Volume 26, Article 5, 1955; (2) an unpublished species list of John Schwegman, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, based on field work in 1978 and 1979; and (3) personal observations made by Ken Robertson between 1987 and 1996.

This list only includes species that occur in prairie habitats at Revis. Most of the prairie habitat is loess hill prairie, but gravel hill prairie, mesic prairie, and sand prairie also occur here. Above the slopes of the prairies are extensive areas of upland forest, and species that only occur in the forest are not included in this species list. The few woody plants that ARE on this list are those that invade the prairie habitats.

Scientific name Common name Plant family
Ambrosia psilostachya Western ragweed Asteraceae
Amorpha canescens Lead plant Fabaceae
Andropogon gerardii Big bluestem Poaceae
Andropogon scoparius Little bluestem Poaceae
Anemone caroliniana Carolina anemone Ranunculaceae
Anemone cylindrica Thimbleweed Ranunculaceae
Antennaria neglectaPrairie pussytoesAsteraceae
Artemisia campestris Beach wormwood Asteraceae
Aruncus dioicus Goat's-beard Rosaceae
Asclepias amplexicaulisClasping milkweedAsclepiadaceae
Asclepias verticillata Horsetail milkweed Asclepiadaceae
Asclepias viridiflora Green milkweed Asclepiadaceae
Aster azureus Sky-blue aster Asteraceae
Aster ericoides Heath aster Asteraceae
Aster linariifoliusFlax-leaved asterAsteraceae
Aster oblongifolius Aromatic aster Asteraceae
Aster pilosusDowny asterAsteraceae
Aster sericeus Silky aster Asteraceae
Astragalus canadensisCanadian milk vetchFabaceae
Belamcanda chinensisBlackberry lilyIridaceae
Bouteloua curtipendula Sideoats grama Poaceae
Bouteloua hirsuta Hairy grama Poaceae
Campsis radicans Trumpet creeper Bignoniaceae
Carex filiculmis Sedge Cyperaceae
Carex meadiisedgeCyperaceae
Carex muhlenbergiisedgeCyperaceae
Carex pensylvanicasedgeCyperaceae
Carex umbellata Sedge Cyperaceae
Carya tomentosa Mockernut hickory Juglandaceae
Cassia fasciculata Partridge pea Fabaceae
Celastrus scandens Bittersweet Celastraceae
Chamaesyce maculata Nodding spurge Euphorbiaceae
Cirsium hilliiHill's thistleAsteraceae
Comandra umbellata Bastard toadflax Santalaceae
Coreopsis lanceolata Tickseed coreopsis Asteraceae
Coreopsis palmata Prairie coreopsis Asteraceae
Coreopsis tripterisTall tickseedAsteraceae
Cornus drummondii Rough-leaved dogwood Cornaceae
Crataegus mollisRed hawRosaceae
Cyperus filiculmisUmbrella sedgeCyperaceae
Daucus carota Queen Anne's lace Apiaceae
Desmodium illinoense Illinois tick trefoil Fabaceae
Desmodium sessilifolium Sessile-leaved tick trefoil Fabaceae
Dodecatheon media Shooting star Primulaceae
Draba reptansWhitlow grassBrassicaceae
Echinacea pallida Pale coneflower Asteraceae
Elymus canadensisNodding wild ryePoaceae
Equisetum laevigatum Smooth scouring rush Equisetaceae
Eragrostis spectabilis Tumble-grass Poaceae
Erigeron annuus Daisy fleabane Asteraceae
Erigeron strigosus Daisy fleabane Asteraceae
Eryngium yuccifoliumRattlesnake masterApiaceae
Eupatorium altissimum Tall boneset Asteraceae
Euphorbia corollata Flowering spurge Euphorbiaceae
Fragaria virginianaWild strawberryRosaceae
Fraxinus americanaWhite ashOleaceae
Galium pilosumBedstrawRubiaceae
Gaura biennis Butterfly-weed Onagraceae
Gentiana quinquefolia Stiff gentian Gentianaceae
Gerardia aspera Rough false foxglove Scrophulariaceae
Gnaphalium obtusifolium Sweet everlasting Asteraceae
Hedeoma hispidaRough pennyroyalLamiaceae
Helianthus occidentalis Western sunflower Asteraceae
Helianthus rigidusPrairie sunflowerAsteraceae
Heliopsis helianthoides False sunflower Asteraceae
Heterotheca villosa Golden aster Asteraceae
Heuchera richardsoniiAlum rootSaxifragaceae
Hieracium longipilumHairy hawkweedAsteraceae
Hypericum punctatumSpotted St. John's wortHypericaceae
Hypericum sphaerocarpumRound-fruited St. John's wortHypericaceae
Juniperus virginianaEastern redcedarCypressaceae
Koeleria macranthaJunegrassPoaceae
Kuhnia eupatorioides False boneset Asteraceae
Lactuca canadensisWild lettuceAsteraceae
Leptoloma cognatumFall witch grassPoaceae
Lespedeza capitata Bush clover Fabaceae
Liatris aspera Rough blazing-star Asteraceae
Liatris cylindracea Blazing-star Asteraceae
Linum sulcatum Wild flax Linaceae
Lithospermum canescens Hoary puccoon Boraginaceae
Lithospermum carolinenseSand puccoonBoraginaceae
Lithospermum incisum Yellow puccoon Boraginaceae
Lobelia spicata Spiked lobelia Campanulaceae
Lysimachia quadrifoliaLoosestrifeOnagraceae
Malus ioensis Iowa crabapple Rosaceae
Medicago lupulina Black medic Fabaceae
Melilotus alba White sweet clover Fabaceae
Melilotus officinalisYellow sweet cloverFabaceae
Microserias cuspidataPrairie dandelionAsteraceae
Monarda fistulosa Wild bergamot Lamiaceae
Muhlenbergia schreberi Nimble will Poaceae
Oenothera biennisEvening primroseOnagraceae
Onosmodium occidentale Marbleseed Boraginaceae
Orobanche fasciculataClustered broomrapeOrobanchaceae
Oxalis violacea Purple wood sorrel Oxalidaceae
Panicum capillare Witch grass Poaceae
Panicum linearifoliumPanic grassPoaceae
Panicum oligosanthesPanic grassPoaceae
Panicum villosissimumPanic grassPoaceae
Paspalum ciliatifoliumBead grassPoaceae
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia creeper Vitaceae
Pedicularis canadensis Lousewort Scrophulariaceae
Penstemon pallidus Pale beardstongue Scrophulariaceae
Petalostemum candidum White prairie clover Fabaceae
Petalostemum purpureum Purple prairie clover Fabaceae
Phlox bifida Cleft phlox Polemoniaceae
Physostegia virginianum False dragonhead Lamiaceae
Plantago patagonicaSalt-and-pepper plantPlantaginaceae
Poa pratensis Blue grass Poaceae
Poinsettia dentata Wild poinsettia Euphorbiaceae
Polanisia dodecandraClammyweedCapparidaceae
Polygala verticillata Whorled milkwort Polygalaceae
Polytaenia nuttallii Prairie parsley Apiaceae
Potentilla arguta Prairie cinquefoil Rosaceae
Potentilla simplexCinquefoilRosaceae
Prenanthes asperaRough white lettuceAsteraceae
Prunella vulgarisSelf-healLamiaceae
Psoralea tenuiflora Scurf-pea Fabaceae
Pycnanthemum pilosum Mountain mint Lamiaceae
Quercus alba White oak Fagaceae
Quercus marilandica Blackjack oak Fagaceae
Quercus macrocarpaBurr oakFagaceae
Quercus velutina Black oak Fagaceae
Ratibida pinnataYellow coneflowerAsteraceae
Rhus glabra Smooth sumac Anacardiaceae
Robinia pseudoacacia Black locust Fabaceae
Rosa carolina Pasture rose Rosaceae
Rosa suffulta Sunshine rose Rosaceae
Rubus flagellarisDewberryRosaceae
Rubus occidentalisBlackberryRosaceae
Rudbeckia hirtaBlack-eyed SusanAsteraceae
Ruellia humilis Wild petunia Acanthaceae
Salix humilisPrairie willowSalicaceae
Senecio plattensis Prairie groundsel Asteraceae
Silphium integrifoliumRosinweedAsteraceae
Silphium laciniatum Compass plant Asteraceae
Sisyrinchium albidumPale blue-eye grassIridaceae
Sisyrinchium campestre Blue-eyed grass Iridaceae
Solidago speciosa Showy goldendrod Asteraceae
Solidago canadensis Tall goldenrod Asteraceae
Solidago nemoralis Field goldenrod Asteraceae
Solidago ptarmicoides Stiff aster Asteraceae
Solidago rigida Rigid goldenrod Asteraceae
Solidago ulmifolia Elm-leaved goldenrod Asteraceae
Sorghastrum nutans Indian grass Poaceae
Sporobolus asperDropseedPoaceae
Sporobolus clandestinusSand dropseedPoaceae
Sporobolus heterolepisPrairie dropseedPoaceae
Spiranthes magnicamporum Scented lady's tresses Orchidaceae
Sporobolus cryptandrus Sand dropseed Poaceae
Sporobolus vaginiflorus Poverty grass Poaceae
Stipa spartea Needle grass Poaceae
Taraxacum officinaleDandelionAsteraceae
Teucrium canadenseAmerican GermanderLamiaceae
Tragopogon dubiusGoat's beardAsteraceae
Trichostema brachiatumFalse pennyroyalLamiaceae
Tridens flavusPurple-topPoaceae
Triosteum perfoliatum Late horse gentian Caprifoliaceae
Verbena stricta Hoary vervain Verbenaceae
Ulmus americanaAmerican elmUlmaceae
Vernonia missurica Missouri ironweed Asteraceae
Veronicastrum virginicum Culver's root Scrophulariaceae
Viola pedatifidaPrairie violetViolaceae
Vitis riparia Riverbank grape Vitaceae

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