Range: South America.

Known diversity: 1 genus, 5 species.

Ecology: On trees in rainforests.

Diagnosis: Medium sized, dark reddish brown leafhoppers; crown short, margin carinate, ocelli on margin of crown distant from eyes, lateral frontal sutures and epistomal suture complete; forewing membrane setose, venation complete, hind wing veins R3+4 and M1+2 free; hind femur macrosetal formula variable, usually 2+2+1; male plates slender, ligulate; female second valvulae without widely spaced dorsal teeth.

Similar to: Iassinae (Bythonia Oman was placed in Iassinae by Blocker and Webb (1990, Ent. News 101: 293-296), but this placement was not accepted by Nielson and Knight (2000, Rev. Bras. Ent. 17: 81-156).

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